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The founder, blessed wife and mum

Charlene is the founder of Gracehill who has worked as a florist for 18 years.

Charlene selects grows and trials a wide selection of flowers and foliage and she shares her journey, illustrating it with photos of her fields, through Gracehill’s Facebook and Instagram page.

Drawn to natural informal designs, Charlene loves mixing blooms in unusual ways.


The back-bone of the operation

Alan is the heart behind the scenes. He oversees all the heavy field work including fencing, digging and fixing. He is always the encourager and backbone of our family, supporting us on our flower-filled journey. He is not afraid of work and is great at finding the answer and resolving many situations and can put his hand to anything.

Our Eldest

Our helpful assistant

This wee man is passionate about farming his own vegetables. He began growing a vegetable patch last year and enjoyed sharing it with his family and friends. He is an amazing helper, always at hand when needed to plant and water.

Our Second Wee Man

The animal man

This wee man tends his little flock of sheep, and keeps an eye on our family pet dog Willow. He dreams of becoming a farmer when he is older. He assists with filling buckets with water and helping transport flower out of the field, also helping his daddy with construction duties.

Our Youngest Lady

Our little ray of sunshine)

This little lady brings so much positivity and shines with her smile. She enjoys helping from filling seed trays to planting out in the field. She loves playing on the land and picking the flowers to make some of her own creations with.


The family pet

Willow is our watchful eye always on duty.